Donovan and my picks

Well I never saw myself as a blogger, but I figured it might not be a bad idea to keep my thoughts somewhere when I need them. 

On my mind today: Donovan McNabb and the Redskins

How does this guy get trashed in every publication I read online.  For years he was an elite quarterback for the Eagles.  He never had any decent WR’s to work with and until Brian Westbrook came along he didn’t have any good RB’s either. 

So now he gets traded to the Redskins who have nothing but slop on offense (Portis, Moss, Torain, etc) and they wonder why he’s having an off year.  In my opinion no one has done more with less as a QB than McNabb in recent years.  The only other comparable name that comes to mind is Tom Brady and I don’t think anyone is questioning Brady’s elite status in the NFL. 

I’d love to see McNabb go to Minnesota next year, or even Arizona where he’d have some weapons and then see if he’s really “washed up.” 

And for Mike Shanahan, this year isn’t exactly one that he should be putting on his resume.  First you have the entire Albert Haynesworth debacle that ruined team chemistry from the get-go.  Instead of just cutting him and moving along he allowed Albert to undermine him as a coach and divide the locker room.

Now he benches McNabb for Grossman because he wants to see what he has?  Not only is that stupid, but it’s borderline insane.  So much for Bruce Allen and Shanaham coming in and cleaning things up.  If anything they’ve just turned the Redskins into a laughingstock.  And being an Eagles fan…that’s perfectly fine with me.

And now for my degenerate gambler picks for the night….

Took the Red Wings -110

Took a 4 pt teaser with Pistons at +2.5 and Arizona St. -.5

Jimmy The Cat

(UPDATE: So far 80% of the people that bet on Sportsbook don’t know shit about the Pistons because they’re getting killed at home by the Clippers.  Stupid gambling.)

(UPDATE #2: One good thing I got out of watching this God awful Pistons game is that Blake Griffin is a bona-fide monster!)


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